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Best Time to Cruise Bermuda
By Sharon
Pushed August 27, 2017
Best Time to Cruise Bermuda
Best Time to Cruise Bermuda

How To Pick The Perfect Bermuda Cruise

If you are planning a cruise to Bermuda, there are certain important things which you must keep in mind. If you have not been to Bermuda before, bear in mind that it is not a big island. In fact, it doesn't take more than 24 hours to walk across the whole island.

Bermuda is around 120 miles north of the Caribbean Sea. It has a mild climate even during the winter months. Cruises to Bermuda are generally available between April and late October, but June, Bermuda in late June or early July for the best all around weather, in late July and August are definitely the hottest months to travel. The water temperature is a warm 85-degree F bath this time of year, but it'll feel cool compared to the 90-degree highs and 84 percent humidity. Tour operators are in full swing, offering snorkel, scuba, parasailing and sailboat tours. You'll have the widest selection of ships, home ports, and itineraries during the peak season when the beaches beckon. 

Everyone's idea of a "vacation disaster" is different. For some, a stormy day would be enough to ruin their time. October is the wettest month, with an average rainfall of 7 inches. For others, it would take a hurricane to throw their vacation off-course. The last big hurricane to hit Bermuda was Hurricane Fabian, which ripped off a few south coast roofs back in 2003. Even so, avoid the risk altogether by skipping travel during August, there are certain cruises which keep on making trips until the end of December. However, they are relatively rare. 

Your cruise ship could land in any one of the three ports at Bermuda, though it is most likely that you would stop in the port of Hamilton, as it has two shipping berths. It may happen that you visit more than one port on your Bermuda cruise trip.

 The other port is known as St. George port. It is a historical port and attracts large numbers of tourists. Then there is the third port, at King's Wharf. This port has museums, galleries, and popular restaurants, which makes it a famous cultural hub. Bermuda cruises often have a large number of tourists who often make return visits to Bermuda. This indicates the island's popularity.

However, as it is a small island, restrictions are in place concerning the maximum number of cruise liners that can land here. Check out the limit before you book a Bermuda cruise. The bookings can be done online or over the telephone. There are many cruise liners to choose from. Your choice of a cruise liner depends on your budget and the kind of vacation you are looking to take. There are luxury liners for those who want to splurge and cheaper liners for those on a tighter budget.

Most Bermuda cruise vacations last for a total of seven days; some cruise trips have a minimum of five days and a maximum of nine days. This leaves cruise passengers with one to three days left to explore the mainland. This may not be enough time to visit all the beautiful locations within the archipelago, but surely whatever places you do get to visit will be very much worth every penny of the trip.

Cruise travelers like to visit the wide golf courses in the main islands.  Golfers will be excited to discover that there are six world-class courses in Bermuda.

What makes the island even more beautiful are the greens that flourish throughout the archipelago. Plenty of the streets are lined with trees and greenery.  Their botanical gardens in Paget are among their major attractions. Beautiful flowers and trees with pleasing scents perfume the air in this 35-acre park. Other must-visit places are the numerous forts built during the British occupation, and of course, the souvenir and arts-and-crafts shops. What is a cruise trip without a bit of shopping, right? There are also night markets where you can shop for clothes, souvenirs, and other items duty-free.

Bermudan beaches are just as unique as the rest of this fabulous location. They are recognized around the world for their pink luscious sand. The inviting water found throughout Bermuda, and its more than 350 wonderful islands, offer fun. It doesn't matter whether you are swimming, snorkeling, or skiing. This area has awesome water activities

There are two ways of getting discounts on Bermuda cruises. One is to travel on a Bermuda cruise liner during the off-season (when demand is low and supply or occupancy is high), and the other is to travel in a group (by which you can take advantage of what amounts to wholesale discounts). The Bermuda cruise season generally runs from April to October. So cruise liners on this route during the off-season generally offer heavy discounts. However, it is advisable to book these cruises early before the best options are taken.

The best cruise deals can be found in April or November -- at the season's beginning or end. Cruises to Bermuda from New York City, Boston, Baltimore and Charleston in 2018.

Norwegian Dawn offer 7 Night Bermuda Cruise,  Departure Port: Boston, Sailing Dates 2018 Jun 1,  Jun 8, Jun 15, Jun 22, and some other dates.

Grandeur of the Seas offers 5 Night Bermuda Cruise, Departure Port: BaltimoreSailing Dates 2018 Jun 2- starting $496,  Jun 16, Jun 30

Holland America Line Veendam offer 14-day Bermuda & combined Canada/new England cruise. Departure Port: Montreal Sailing Dates 2018 Jun 2  Jun 30, from $1,499/person.

Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Summit offer 7 Night Bermuda Cruise Departure Port: Bayonne (Cape Liberty)Sailing Dates 2018 Jun 3  Jun 10

Norwegian Cruise Line - Norwegian Escape, 7 Night Bermuda Cruise, Departure Cruise Departure Port: New York (Manhattan). Sailing Dates 2018 Jun 3,  Jun 10, Jun 17, Jun 24, from $949

Carnival Cruise Line, Carnival Horizon offer 4 Day Bermuda Cruise From New Departure Port: New York (Manhattan) Sailing Dates 2018 Jun 21 from $659 

Royal Caribbean International Anthem of the Seas offer 6 Day Bermuda Cruise  Cruise Departure Port: Bayonne (Cape Liberty), Sailing Dates 2018 Jun 9  Jun 23

Sailing from $661/person. Prices are cruise only, per person, double occupancy. Taxes, fees, and port expenses not included. Rates are valid for US and Canadian residents only. Fuel supplement may apply. 

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