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Resolve the Solo Cruiser Dilemma

Over 50 and tired of travelling solo? Find your Cruise Companion here!
Do any of the cruise lines offer roommate matching? How/where does one go to find a roommate for a cruise?
You can look for travel agents specializing for Singles Cruise and you will find travel agents for Hosted cruises. They can match you up for a room mate.
Other option Seeking Cruise Companion - For people looking for share cruise expenses as roommates. If you'd like to participate on our Cruise Companion by joining in the conversation, please Register Now! Be sure to visit our FAMOUS Roll Call forums, where you can meet other cruisers sailing with you and share a tour or shore excursion and SAVE MONEY

Total Active Companions    (Total: 13)

Topic Cruise Information Looking For Cabin Price Days Till Cruise
(Help)Anyone interested in sharing the cabin
post by kpimjik0708 at April 15, 2019
Shih-Ying Chen
•  Female
From 20 age - 0 age
$800 $115/night
7 days.
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Need companion to share room
post by RBTen at April 14, 2019
R Bourland
•  Female
From 35 age - 50 age
$50 $4/night
192 days.
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Alaska cruise partner
post by rob19146 at April 14, 2019
Rob Hall
•  Both Gender
From 0 age - 0 age
$700 $100/night
132 days.
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Looking for cruise friends or cabin mate
post by MrDnBmore at April 13, 2019
Donnell Noble
•  Male
From 35 age - 60 age
$500 $72/night
139 days.
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A companion to qualify for double occupancy rates
post by goldwinde at April 3, 2019
Dwight GoldWinde
•  Both Gender
From 21 age - 0 age
$959 $160/night
145 days.
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14 days Baltic Seas May 2-16, 2020
post by SoloCruiser at March 29, 2019
•  Female
From 30 age - 80 age
$3658 $262/night
376 days.
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I am seeking a fun female cruise partner. Drinks are included on the cruise!
post by CruiseFunGuy4You at March 26, 2019
Joseph Laverty
•  Female
From 30 age - 58 age
$220 $37/night
55 days.
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Traveler to go 1/2 on Ship Room
post by LAURASOCAL at March 24, 2019
Laura Falcon Dominguez
•  Both Gender
From 0 age - 0 age
$669 $84/night
237 days.
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Norwegian Sky Cruise 1st week of June 2019
post by ChillGuy at March 13, 2019
Brian Epstein
•  Female
From 21 age - 35 age
$0 $0/night
39 days.
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Cruise Partner 3-Nights/-4Days
post by TomFla at March 10, 2019
Thomas Parker
•  Female
From 40 age - 60 age
$330 $83/night
144 days.
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If you’re fed up with travelling solo and you’d like to meet other like minded people, check out some great online resources for finding cruising companions. Get ready to start your next holiday adventure with a new friend in tow. Enjoy holidays you’ll never forget – find a new friend to share them with you. First not every solo cruiser likes the term “single cruiser.” Some say it connotes a person cruising for romance. Some solo cruisers are doing that, but many are only interested in a shared travel experience with like-minded people. Either way, Cruise the options for solo cruisers
Maintain reasonable expectations. Shipboard romances do occur and occasionally turn into long-term loves. In general, however, most people will return to their real lives at the end of the cruise. Look for a few new friends rather than searching for “the one.” Cruise vacations more commonly used by solo cruisers not looking for romance, is to seek out same-sex roommates who share their preferences in smoking and drinking.
If you’re interested in dancing and partying, the lively club and bar is where you’ll meet people. If, however, you like more literary pursuits, then you can head to the library and to seminars. If you’re active, meet someone on the tennis court or up the climbing wall. There are endless possibilities on cruises to try something new and meet someone new at the same time. If you’re cruising from the UK, you’ll all be coming back to the same place, so there’ll be no worries of your new paramore living on the other side of the world.