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The experience of a cruise vacation is unparalleled and no one should compromise with it. You and your family will get to visit and explore several beautiful places in a short span of time. Royal Caribbean cruises are meant to offer relaxing and active cruise vacation to all travellers and make it memorable for them.Accommodation is divided into four staterooms. Based on their needs, the travellers can choose the best specific room-type and will get the service associated with it.

1.Suites: These are the place for those who need style and luxury, and are available in different sizes. 2 to 8 persons can easily stay in a suite. The array of suites available at the Royal Caribbean cruises allow you to choose from the Presidential Family suite (offering four bedrooms and bathrooms) to Aqua Suite from where the travellers can watch entertainment program from their private balcony.

2.Balcony Staterooms: These have their own private verandas. The balcony cabin offers two beds, private bathroom, vanity, and an attached private balcony. Many of the rooms of Balcony Staterooms position along the outside of the ship and other over the boardwalk or promenade to give the travellers a view of all the activities.

3.Outside Staterooms: These comfortable cabins have two beds that can be converted into one queen-size bed. It also offers Pullman banks to the travellers. To ensure that you do not miss out on the scenic beauty of the enormous sea, the stateroom has a large fixed window so the sea is always in the view.

4.Interior Staterooms: Interior Staterooms are specially designed for families of three and four. The stateroom has Pullman bunks, a small sitting area, and a TV set for everyone to sit back and enjoy.

However, accommodation is not the only feature of the Royal Caribbean cruises. You and your family will also get to partake in on board activities which include ice skating, rock climbing, and other adventurous and fun activities.
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