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Top Destinations to Visit on Your Hong Kong Cruise Trip When the Ship is Docked
The city has various attractions for every age group of travelers near the port. If you are sailing to Hong Kong in cruise, visit the enlisted destinations when your cruise is anchored on port.

Here are some of the top destinations to visit while your cruise is anchored on Hong Kong port:

Star Ferry
One of the loveliest attractions in Hong Kong is the Star Ferry, which is 115 years old and rare local boat service. From local to international travelers, everyone adorns these boats for its slow, soothing and stress-free rides around the city. You can see the hyper busy city, old colonial buildings and glass walled sky scrapers under extremely low fares.

Symphony of Lights
If you love watching laser lights and digital fireworks, you should not miss the 15-minute light and sound show activity held alongside Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. It is the world's largest permanent light and sound show according to Guinness Book of World Records. This is a free show which happens every day at night 8 PM. The best vantage point to enjoy the show includes the "Avenue of Stars" on theTsim Sha Tsuiwaterfront, on the waterfront promenade outside theGolden Bauhinia SquareinWan Chaiand on sightseeing ferries.

Hong Kong Museum of History
If you want to know Hong Kong from its ancient days, the right place to explore is the Hong Kong museum of history. From the beginning in Neolithic times and running right up to today, know everything about the city in "The Hong Kong Story" exhibition tour offered by the museum.

Tung Choi Street aka Ladies Market
Tung Choi Street market is the best place to shop from a wide selection of clothes, shoes and travel souvenirs. This government-licensed street market is till date famous for selling low-priced products for women and also other general merchandise. Its northern section, not far above Bute Street, has a wide variety of affordable plants, pet supplies, and animals especially goldfish since it is also known as "Goldfish Street".
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