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Finding the right cruise is complex. CruiseTrend is here to de-mystify the process. Whether you’re interested in finding the right cruise line, destination or ship, we will provide you with unbiased opinions from fellow cruisers to help you make your decision. CruiseTrend also provides a social platform for cruisers to ask and answer questions and get to know each other before upcoming cruises.
CruiseTrend is the leading cruise news,reviews, cruise ship raitings and cruise deals information site which will hosts the largest - and the liveliest – newest cruise community in the world. from first-time cruisers to avid cruise fans, visit CruiseTrend each month to research and plan their cruises, connect with other cruisers and share their passion for cruising.

What sets CruiseTrend apart?
We guarantee the authenticity of thousands of verified cruise reviews for our community members – that means real reviews by real people. Verified reviews it will come from you and our non-affiliated cruise agency partners, and provide an authentic pool of knowledge and experience for members to delve into. Whether you are single, a couple or family, we also make it simple to find reviews from other cruisers that are similar to you.

CruiseTrend is the only cruise resource to deliver a complete package which offers:

• Authority as the market leader for consumer cruise information
• The world's Fastest growing cruise community
• Information and advice on all aspects of cruising
• Professional and user-submitted cruise reviews
•Cruise planning tools, cruise deals, special offers and more

Comprehensive Cruise Vacation Planning Guide
Our comprehensive cruise vacation planning guide is renowned for objective cruise reviews of nearly 400 ships, more than 75 cruise line profiles, information on what to do and where to go in 250+ worldwide ports and readers' ship ratings and reviews, cruise bargains and cruise tips. Our comprehensive coverage features:

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