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Cruise Ship Information
The newest of Avalon Waterways' five planned "suite ships," is also the tiniest. The 361-foot-long, 36-foot-wide, 128-passenger vessel was built as a sister ship to Avalon Panorama and Avalon Vista, but it's about 84 feet shorter than they are and carries 38 fewer passengers --  Avalon Visionary's "Romantic Rhine" - leaving from Amsterdam and finishing in Basel, Switzerland, modifications which are necessary for the ship to sail its scheduled Rhine itineraries.
Atmosphere on board
While it may be tempting to never leave your stateroom, Avalon Visionary offers a host of amenities designed to ensure your stay aboard is pleasurable.Throughout the ship you’ll find wall-to-wall panoramic windows so that you never miss the incredible scenery passing by.The ship is also fully equipped with Wi-Fi access and a dedicated internet center, as well as a fitness center, an outside viewing deck, the Sky Deck featuring a unique shade system and premium lounge chairs, and a whirlpool.
Overall, a cruise on this ship feels like a boutique hotel experience, thanks to its swanky decor and impeccable service. We were able to walk, with our luggage, directly from our cab to the ship without the hassle of baggage checks and security screenings. Even the check-in process was painless -- we just gave our name; it was that simple. Cruises on Visionary are port-intensive, so they're great for anyone who enjoys European history and sightseeing. And, unlike sailings on mega-ships, voyages include shore excursions in their pricing. But it's important to note that, since river cruising focuses on the culture and history of the ports visited, there isn't much to do onboard, and the number and duration of shore excursions offered daily may leave you feeling a little less relaxed and refreshed than you might after other vacations. You will, however, be apt to feel enriched, enlightened and well traveled.
Food & Dining
Breakfast and lunch are both served buffet-style, but the quality of available fare is very high. Dinners are superb, and whether you're adventurous or prefer to stick to the "always available" menu, you'll find something tasty. Look forward to indulging in array of savory cuisine onboard Avalon Visionary. If you’re hoping to sleep in and not miss breakfast, you’re in luck! Avalon Visionary offers a daily late-riser breakfast to ensure that sleepy head guests can take full advantage of the breakfast buffets if they choose to sleep in. For lunch, enjoy a full buffet, carving station, and pasta bar as well as chef-inspired regional and Western dishes. Dinner offers two options for guests onboard Avalon Visionary. Savor multi-course meals featuring the freshest local ingredients or choose a more casual option and dine at the Panorama Bistro.
Family with Kids/Teens
Simply put, this is not a family-appropriate ship. There are no triple cabins or provisions for entertaining youngsters. Avalon maintains a minimum age of 8 for younger passengers. Children under the age of eight typically are too young to fully enjoy a cruise vacation. Because of this and for the safety and enjoyment of all passengers. In addition, please note that there are no special arrangements or activities for children on their ships
Past Passenger Programs
Avalon Waterways Past Passenger Program is called the Journeys Club. Journeys Club is the frequent travelers club for the Globus family of brands. Through it, Avalon will reward their frequent travelers with attractive perks. Cruisers must enroll in the club to receive benefits including exclusive promotions, special perks, and customized service.
Fitness And Spa
Stay toned on your cruise vacation by taking advantage on Avalon Visionary’s onboard fitness center. After your rigorous workout, take a dip in the whirlpool on the Sky Deck to unwind and relax. Avalon Visionary offers a hair salon with a manicure service available.
Like most other river cruise ships, entertainment onboard Avalon Visionary is simple and low-key. Typically, days are spent ashore exploring, and an onboard musician provides light musical entertainment in the main lounge. A couple times per sailing, the line will bring onboard musicians and lecturers from the local area to entertain and inform. On our cruise, a swing band (guitar, bass and percussion trio) came onboard and rocked the house one night; on another, the line laid out a spread for a cheese and Dutch liquor tasting.
The ship's main lounge is also home to the only onboard bar. Two beverage menus are offered there -- one for wines, beers and drinks like juice and soda, and one for spirits and mixed drinks.
Educate yourself while sailing onboard Avalon Affinity by attending various lectures as well as other culturally-enriching experiences. Look forward to various onboard experiences with local chefs, entertainers, and artisans. Spend an afternoon on the Sky Deck for breathtaking scenery that you pass by along the waterways. Next, grab your beverage of choice, and mingle and unwind with like-minded travelers in the lounges and bar.
Every cruise includes two or three evenings of onboard entertainment, at least one show performed by the crew and nightly piano music. On certain cruises their may be guest speakers, local musicians performing folklore shows or classical recitals. A resident Pianist will also perform nightly. There is a selection of board game and a small library available onboard.
There are six different categories of staterooms aboard Avalon Visionary. Located on Indigo Deck, Category D and E staterooms start at 172 square feet, and feature two windows located near the ceiling of the stateroom. These staterooms also feature a full bathroom complete with a glass door enclosed shower, a writing desk, vanity, and of Avalon’s deluxe beds with premium mattress covers, Egyptian linens, European-style duvets, and a choice of firm or soft pillows.
Categories A, B and P measure 200 square feet, and are located on the Sapphire and Royal decks. These “Panorama Suites” feature wall-to-wall windows that retract to create an open-air balcony capable of seating up to six fully-grown adults. The suites feature all the amenities of the above categories but with the addition of a coffee table and sitting area.
At the top end of the scale are Avalon Visionary’s 300-square foot Royal Suites. Located side-by-side on Royal Deck, these suites pull out all the stops, featuring all the amenities of the previous categories but with more space, larger sitting areas, and segmented bathrooms that feature separate toilets, showers, and vanity areas with dual sinks. All guests have access to a welcome list of amenities, including nightly turn-down service, spacious three-door closets, flat-screen TV with movie channels, bathrobes and slippers, complimentary bottled water and L’Occitane toiletries.taterooms
Gratuities are included in cruise fares for services during meals and land stays (including porter tips for one piece of luggage per person). Gratuities for the Cruise Director, local hosts, local guides, driver and ship's crew are not included and are discretionary. Avalon recommends $5 to $7 per person, per day, for the Cruise Director; $3 to $5 per person, per day, for the local guide; and $5 to $7 per person, per day, for the crew. All transactions aboard the riverboat are in U.S. dollars.
Fellow Passengers
Passengers consist mostly of older couples (55-plus) who are well-traveled. Many have come to Avalon through prior experience with Globus, so the land-touring aspect of the cruise may hold a higher priority for them. Mostly English-speaking travelers from USA/Canada/UK/Australians and New Zealanders. An Avalon passenger is typically near retirement age or retired.  Avalon's experience is not designed to be compatible with families (especially those with younger children).
Our recommendation
A river cruise is about the ever-changing scenery, the ports and the people you meet along the way.
“Everybody wants river cruises. There’s a lot more knowledge about river cruises right now,” The fact that river cruises are mostly inclusive, including unlimited beer and wine at dinner and shore excursions, it is a big plus whole trip is basically managed for the client. Avalon’s shore programs are with certified guides and focus primarily on history and culture.
“You don’t have to pull out a guidebook and walk out and flag a taxi. It’s an easy way to do Europe,”  Do not chose the wrong side of the ship for this cruise down the river as always in darkness  it seemed that the cabins on the other side of the ship had the better views. This is just luck but could change this time. So lovely views while sailing but not the case when generally and mainly sailing  industrial sights.