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Cruise Ship Information
Discover the rich history of Portugal and Spain as you journey through the Douro River Valley aboard the brand-new AmaVida, one of the most feature-laden ships to sail Portugal’s famous  Douro River. Enjoy a glass of Port wine as you mingle with new friends in the spacious Panoramic Lounge or relax on the Sun Deck as the ship sails past beautiful vineyards along the hillsides of the Douro River. There are 3 things you can say about AmaVida modern, innovative and built high tech technology, for instance with touch screen you can learn information about daily schedules is and also Sun deck solar roof can be lowered for the low bridges
AmaWaterways added the 106-passenger AmaVida, which cruises Portugal's Douro River, in spring 2013. Douro itineraries take passengers through historic ports, fishing villages and wine regions -- AmaVida even offers several wine-themed cruises with vineyard stops and wine tastings.
The AmaVida brings AmaWaterways’ distinctive standard of excellence to the Douro River in Portugal. This grand 106-passenger vessel features balconies in the majority of its spacious staterooms and suites, which range up to 323 sq. ft. Guests on the AmaVida will enjoy fine dining in the main dining room, plus al fresco dining for up to 32 guests. The AmaVida also features a Sun Deck swimming pool; fitness center and spa; complimentary in-stateroom Internet access on a 42” flat-screen and ship-wide Wi-Fi.
Passengers can dine in the main dining room or partake in the al fresco option, available for up to 32 people at a time. Specialty coffees and teas are available 24 hours a day. Passengers onboard AmaVida can lounge on the ship's sun deck, take a dip in the heated pool or visit the fitness center and spa. Wi-Fi is available -- and included -- throughout the ship.
Atmosphere on board
AmaVida  is still quite new river ship. It is small as riverboats go, holding only 106 passengers. Most boats hold about 130-150 passengers for European cruises, with the Viking “Longships” carrying 190 people or more. But all riverboat dimensions are controlled by their sailing milieu. If you are on a river with decent depth and no locks, you can have a larger boat. But, as we found out on this trip, the Duoro River has five locks, and some are rather short; so not only the width, but the length of any boat cruising down the Duoro is limited, and this of course results in fewer passengers and crew. The Uniworld and Viking ships sailing the same route were virtually identical, and like AmaVida, built in Portugal. 
AmaVida focus on Tours and excursions not large endless buffet dining room or  Vegas style entertainment. Tours and excursions are more closely integrated with the total cruise package on river boat cruises than they are on cruise ships. The river boat cruise lines assume everybody is going to take every available tour, and all facets of the trip are focused on these land activities. This is perhaps a partly psychological reaction to the fact that we are always close to the land, and directly in touch with that environment. To highlight this, AmaVida had its own “tour guides” who shared the cruise with us as members of the boat’s crew and who went out with us in support of the formal “Tour Guides” who were specific to each port, and who had the primary guide duties. This led to a sense of unity, well-being and continuity; we were being looked after all the time.
Family with Kids/Teens
AmaWaterways cruises are primarily designed for the adult traveler. Children are allowed; however, there are no child-specific programs or child-minding facilities.
Minimum age to sail on AmaWaterways is 4 years. Children 4-17 must be in a cabin with an adult.
Past Passenger Programs
Blue Members: Qualify on your 2nd Cruise! Benefits include:
An exclusive $100 per person savings on the cruise price
A private AmaWaterways guest reception on board
Silver MembersSilver Members: Qualify on your 3rd Cruise! Benefits include:
An exclusive $100 per person savings on the cruise price
A private AmaWaterways guest reception on board
Dinner with a senior crew member
A delightful welcome amenity
Complimentary coach transfer to and from the airport
A 50% discount on a one-category stateroom upgrade (excluding suites)
Gold MembersGold Members: Qualify on your 4th Cruise & Onward! Benefits include:
An exclusive $100 per person savings on the cruise price
A private AmaWaterways guest reception on board
Dinner with a senior crew member
A delightful welcome amenity
Complimentary coach transfer to and from the airport
A complimentary one-category stateroom upgrade (excluding suites)
Fitness And Spa
AmaVida's gym, with a handful of machines (treadmill, Technogym weight machine and two stationary bikes), is thoughtfully equipped, complete with television screens for entertainment. Water is provided. The ship also offers salon services, such as massages and hairstyling. There's also a walking track  on the sky deck a small, shallow but heated, pool. The sun deck also has a roofed section, which can be partially lowered for bridges, and which covers about 30% of the deck, allowing a goodly number of lounges chairs and sofas for sitting and enjoying the passing countryside in comfortable shade.
Food & Dining
Gourmet dining on the AmaVida restaurant brings you sophisticated and outstanding cuisine with delightful, attentive service. The fine regional cuisine is prepared under the direction of gold medal-winning chefs from Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Savor culinary masterpieces and free-flowing local wines at dinner, while surrounded by Europe’s heartland.
Every dinner had several starters, two soups, four entrees and several desserts available. Most of the preparation was quite good, and the pastry selections especially.  Vegetarian dishes also offered as choice for lunch.
Breakfasts were typical, but, as in  other river trips the fruit and juice selections less than enthralling the service was caring and cheerful, if a bit harried at times. Wine was poured generously. The dining room has an “al fresco” area forward, with sides open to the river, but with no forward view and other passengers onboard seemed to like this. On one evening Line provide  “Portuguese Regional Buffet”  which served on the sun deck with live music.
If you want to learn more about the ports you're visiting on an AmaDante cruise, it generally won't happen onboard the ship. There's little programming -- such as lectures or food demonstrations -- beyond a handful of folk-style performances. The library, which is rather small, doesn't stock a great collection of guides or other informational tomes.
Where you will pick up excellent insights is on tour; Ama's shore excursions, most of which are included in cruise fares, stray beyond the usual staple of guided city tours. Particularly intriguing on our Danube River trip was a culinary tour of Vienna, a communist-era look at Bratislava and a trip to Austria's lake district. Via the ship's fleet of bicycles, there were numerous opportunities to tour ports like Durnstein and Linz on two wheels. Walking tours were offered at a variety of paces. Wireless transmitters, so passengers can hear guides without being right on top of them, are provided. Because of the good variety of offerings, tours rarely were too crowded.
Onboard, a pianist plays a variety of music before and after dinner, and quite a few passengers on our sailing had enough energy later to dance. On some nights, local entertainment plays in the lounge.
The cruise director's nightly talks, mostly focusing on the events of the following day, are humorous and enjoyable, as well as informative.
AmaVida can carry 106 guests in a total of 53 staterooms. There are six different types of staterooms aboard AmaVida largest Suites measure 323 square feet, and are located all the way aft on the uppermost deck, Porto Deck. There are only two rooms of this type aboard AmaVida. Category A, B and C staterooms all measure 215 square feet and feature private balconies. They are located on Porto and Lisbon decks. Category D and E staterooms are smaller at 161 square feet, and feature fixed river view windows instead of balconies. They are located on the lowest deck, Douro Deck, but represent a great value for budget-conscious travelers. There are eight Category D staterooms and seven Category E staterooms aboard AmaVida. AmaVida's cabins range from 161 square feet to 323 square feet. Most of the cabins feature balconies. All cabins have 42-inch flat screen TVs, safes, hair dryers and wireless phones as well as complimentary bottled water.
This is due to smart space arrangement as well as generally fine wall and floor surface materials and lighting. A “standard” stateroom. The “river” side has a small outside balcony with two chairs and a small table. It takes up about half the length of the cabin. You will enjoy sitting outside at times as long as the boat was moving so no insects would enter. By the way do not forget taking with you Badger Anti-Bug Shake & Spray with you.
The rest of the “river” side is a desk surface, with a window above the desk. There is a desk chair. Next to this is the bed, with two bedside tables, two lamps and two reading lights above each side of the bed. Next to the bed there is an open shelving area above and two closed shelves below. Next to that, leading directly into the stateroom is the bathroom. This was unique among standard ships’ bathrooms by having a separate toilet room with its own frosted glass door. The shower also had a glass door, and a fair amount of room. There was a vessel sink. The only flaw was the failure to utilize some space below on either side of the sink for drawers or shelves, since there clearly was room for such additional features. Next to the bathroom door was a closet for hanging clothes, the safe and several other drawers. Opposite the bed were two side chairs and a small table, with a large TV screen hung from the wall above. The doorway out to the corridor had further shelving above and six drawers below. All in all, with attractive wallpaper, wood trim and more than abundant space for clothing, it was a very nice cabin indeed! River Cruisers Should Know! AmaVida’s elevator reaches all three stateroom decks; a rare feature.
Europe: For good service, 3 Euros per passenger, per day for the Cruise Manager and 12 Euros per passenger, per day for the crew, which will be divided up among the ship's personnel is recommended. It is also customary to acknowledge a particularly good performance of a local guide by leaving a tip of 1-2 Euros per tour. Gratuities on most vessels, but not all, may be charged on credit card as well as cash.
Fellow Passengers
AmaWaterways generally appeals to well-traveled, 50-plus passengers with a strong interest in culinary arts and active exploration. Geographically, passengers are strongly drawn from North America, but the cruise line attracts a solid representation from the U.K. and Australia, where its partner, APT Touring, also markets the line.
Our recommendation
Every ship is nonsmoking (except on the sundeck) and features a beauty salon and massage therapist. Unlimited local wines, as well as beer and sodas, are included with each open-seating lunch and dinner, which consists of indulgent regional cuisine with special selections from local European ports.
AMA ships feature international staffs. The majority of workers onboard are Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian, and all staff members speak English. Each cruise also features a knowledgeable cruise director who does everything: leads shore excursions, arranges for airport transportation and offers running commentary during scenic cruising.
Daily sightseeing programs are included with each cruise, and tours include wireless audio devices so cruisers don't miss a word on history or culture. All ships offer roughly 20 bicycles that passengers can use to explore ports.

Entertainment is focused on local customs and culture -- performances by Portuguese folk dancers or an orchestral group keep passengers occupied in the evenings. There are also some more down-to-earth offerings such as an always entertaining crew talent show and wacky trivia night.