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Great Suggestions of Cruises From the UK and Western Europe
By Sharon
Pushed April 22, 2017
Great Suggestions of Cruises From the UK and Western Europe
Great Suggestions of Cruises From the UK and Western Europe
Anyone who wants to get away from it all should certainly consider booking a cruise in the UK, as this mode of transport and holiday presents unrivalled opportunities to sit back, relax and soak up the atmosphere of your destinations.If you are looking for cruises in 2017 then there are plenty to choose from and best of all, they depart from a range of ports all over the UK. One of the greatest adventures you can have in life is to take one of the many western Europe cruises that are available. This journey takes you around some favorite destinations including Ireland, France, Amsterdam, Portugal and Spain.
 Several major cruise lines offer sailings around Britain and Western Europe, so what exactly can you discover when you embark on a voyage to some of the UK's most hidden treasures. There are a number of ports where you can begin your journey, but if you're looking for a central and convenient location, you may want to book your cruise from Liverpool. The city's cruise terminal opened in 2007 and a number of lines run holidays from here.   Travellers living in the south of England may want to opt for one of the boats leaving Southampton or Portsmouth, while those further north can make use of the facilities in Liverpool. Wherever you intend to depart from and travel to, there will be a cruise that suits you

British Isles Cruises combine with western European  ports
 On this type of cruise you will visit cities such as London, Paris and Amsterdam. You can experience the western Atlantic coast where you will find medieval history and even the famous beaches of Normandy. Other places you will visit is the British Isles. Here you will find a lot of history including old castles and mansions. You will also visit Waterford, which is the home to the Waterford Crystal Factory. You can watch as they blow glass.

Most British Isles cruises set sail from the beautiful white cliffs of Dover. There are plenty of attractions to take your fancy before you set sail including taking a tour of Dover Castle. You will be able to climb to the top of this castle which is situated on a hill and marvel at the panoramic views of the harbour and you can also take a walk along the White Cliffs which also offers picture-perfect scenic views. The Secret War Time Tunnels is another top attraction where you can discover tunnels that were used during World War II as an underground hospital or you can alternatively spend a few hours shopping in the centre of town.


You have quite a choice if you live near Liverpool thanks to Fred Olsen. You can get a Taste of Portugal or Iberia, have a Canary Christmas, discover the Secrets of Norway, spend Easter in the Med, try out Castanets & Calvados (Portugal, Spain and France) or have an Adriatic Adventure. All on a round trip from Liverpool.

As the largest city and capital of Ireland, Dublin is a popular stop. During your time here you can take a historical walking tour around the city to see all the top historical sites, visit Christ Church Cathedral with its Gothic and Victorian architecture. Another top attraction is Dublin Castle or the 19th century National Gallery with paintings by Monet and Picasso. And shopping is another great pastime here with countless shops, boutiques and department stores available.
With its beautiful blend of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture, there are many places of interest in Belfast, including 'Belfast City Hall', 'The Grand Opera House' and 'Belfast Castle'. The 'Ulster Museum' is also worthy of a visit. Housed in a striking Renaissance-style building, the museum tells the story of Ireland's 9,000-year old history. And, as Belfast is the city that built the Titanic, 'The Titanic's Dock and Pumphouse' is also worth checking out. There really is something for every taste here in this fascinating city.
This quaint Viking town of Scotland boasts 16th century architecture, a beautiful harbour front and a whole wealth of history. During your time here you can visit the World Heritage Site of Ring o' Brodgar which is an impressive ring of tall stones, explore Earl's Palace in the centre of the town, visit the Tankerness House Museum to learn all about Viking history or venture further afield and catch a boat to Aberdeen for a day in the city.
Inverdordon is a beautiful Scottish town situated in the highlands. As you sail into port you will be greeted to a mountainous landscape with stunning farmland scenery. During your time here you can visit the surrounding castles including; Cawdor Castle, Dunrobin Castle and Brodie Castle. Loch Ness is close by for your chance to try to spot 'Nessie', explore Donrnoch Cathedral which offers fascinating architecture and intricate designs, or take a tour of the Glenmorangie Distillery. If you want a relaxing stroll along the picturesque hillside then there are plenty of nature trails to follow or you could spend a peaceful few hours in the botanical gardens.


It's quite a journey from Scotland to get to the more popular UK cruise ports, but fear not! Classic International Cruises and Fred Olsen both offer four cruises from Leith. Cruise to St Petersburg via the Baltic Cities on Classic International Cruises' ship Athena on a round trip from Leith. Alternatively, pretend you're an arctic explorer as you head to the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen that lies within the Arctic Circle on Fred Olsen's Boudicca, also a round trip from Leith. Polarstar Expeditions also offer a cruise to Spitsbergen from Leith, but you do fly back to the UK.

With so many cruise lines currently available today, it comes as no surprise that the majority of British cruisers have been converted to cruising aboard US-style cruise ships, with their larger than life ships. How do the British companies such as Cruise & Maritime and Thomson Cruises compare?

Some of the cruise lines that visit the British Isles and combine with western European ports in 2017.


Cruise & Maritime Voyages is Britain's newest privately owned cruise line and 2017 herald our 8th year of operating no fly cruises from a choice of UK ports.
Cruise and Maritime offer lower fares on their 800 passenger ships, Marco Polo and Ocean Countess. They only offer cruises that sail from the UK which makes them a popular choice for those who do not like to fly, and sail from six ports; London, Hull, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool. They do not boast the glitz and glam of the larger ships, with no climbing walls or Broadway style shows, but what they do have which is a key difference is a home-from-home atmosphere and the emphasis is very much on a personal service and going that extra mile for you. Due to their smaller size their ships can slip into smaller and more remote ports of call, which they larger vessels cannot reach, making them a firm favorite with those experienced cruisers who are looking for something a little different than the typical cruise.
Both of their ships tend to avoid the Mediterranean which is heavily dominated by larger cruise lines. Instead they tend to focus on cruising to the fjords, Iceland, France, Spain, North Cape, Portugal or around the British Isles. During the festive season, Cruise and Maritime can be found sailing to the Christmas markets in Europe and longer voyages around far out destinations such as the Amazon and West Indies.
Thomson is currently the second largest UK-operated cruise line, carrying a whopping 280,000 passengers a year. Unlike the foreign cruise lines, they don't continuously buy newer ships, instead they focus their money on the ships they already have, which means better on board dining and entertainment, and is quite probably a reason why they win awards such as 'UK's favorite affordable cruise line'. They have four ships in the fleet, the Thomson Dream, Destiny, Celebration and Spirit and in the summer their ships mainly sail around the Mediterranean to British favorites such as Majorca, Turkey and Corfu. In the winter the ships tend to focus their itineraries on the Caribbean, the canaries and the Red Sea. Thomson has also introduced a test drive cruise to encourage more British cruisers. If you are staying with Thomson at one of their hotel resorts such as Palma and Majorca then you can now take a tour on their ship and see if you like the idea of cruising. They are also offering special deals for those that want to book the cruise, to entice more and more people to sail on a Thomson ship.
2017 & 2018 Cruises from the UK with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. Discover your perfect cruise holiday to destinations far and wide from UK regional departure ...Quite like Cruise and Maritime, Fred Olsen boasts that warm and welcoming home-from-home atmosphere that the Brit's love. They offer traditional cruising upon their fleet of four; the Bal moral, Brae mar, Bodice and Black Watch. Their key selling point is that they sail directly from the UK, so can set sail from Portsmouth, Southampton, Falmouth, Greenock, Holyhead, Leith and Liverpool and they offer worldwide itineraries to places such as South America, Singapore and South Africa.
So you see, you don't always have to travel miles before embarking on your cruise. And, with the majority of cruises above being round trips, you don't have to worry about weight restrictions on your luggage. Just don't forget to tip the poor soul who had to carry your kitchen sink!

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