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Extend the Fun - Pre & Post Hotel Packages
Pushed December 21, 2016
Extend the Fun - Pre & Post Hotel Packages
Extend the Fun - Pre & Post Hotel Packages

Pre & Post Cruise Packages 

A pre-cruise package can relieve the stress and aggravation that can come before you start your cruise and the post cruise package can leave you returning home feeling refreshed and relaxed. Early to rise with an early flight to start your vacation can leave you feeling tired by the time you board your cruise ship. You spend the entire first day of your cruise trying to recover from the exhaustion of getting there. The same feeling hits on the last morning when disembarking the ship, leaving you exhausted by the time you reach home. So book that pre or post cruise package, and begin and end your cruise vacation feeling relaxed. 

When a Pre & Post Package is needed: A pre-cruise package is advised for those taking a cruise that requires you to take an overnight flight or a long flight of 5 hours or more should also include a day prior hotel. You should book at least a 1 or 3-day pre-cruise package when booking a cruise to Europe, Hawaii, South America, the South Pacific, Orient & Asia. You will need this time to recover from the long flight. In choosing not to do so, you may find yourself completely exhausted the first day or two. It is also strongly suggested for those who are flying at a time when weather conditions are poor. When leaving from a city where weather delays are common, a pre-cruise package can make the difference between boarding your ship and missing your ship.

A post-cruise package keeps you from sitting for hours in an airport waiting for your flight to depart. Enjoy a post cruise package and make good use of the day you disembark rather than going from the ship to the airport where you could sit for many hours. End your vacation in a memorable way, enjoying the port and its city, not the airport. Flying out the following day leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. All cruise lines offer pre and post cruise packages including transfers from the hotel to the ship on the day of sailing. You may find lower prices on hotels on your own, rather than booking through the cruise line, however, you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation from the hotel to the ship. We suggest the following websites for finding great 

hotel prices: Hotel Reservations Network at www.hotels.com Orbitz at www.orbitz.com Pre & Post ... Where to stay Need a suggestion on where to stay for your pre and/or post-cruise package. Enjoy a stay where there are plenty of attractions to enjoy or just a close place to rest before boarding your ship. Check out the Visitors Bureau for each embarkation port located within the US & Canada: •Anchorage • Baltimore •Boston • Ft Lauderdale •Galveston •Honolulu, Los Angeles •Miami •New Orleans •New York •Port Canaveral • San Diego •San Francisco •Seattle •Tampa • Vancouver.

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