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MS Zaandam - Female compagnon - 15th December 2017

Post by Simon Jongert at June 14, 2017
Simon Jongert
22 day South America/Antartica cruise. Ocean view cabin Depart December 15 ,2017 Valparaiso , Arrive January 6 , 2018 Buenos Aires. Ocean view cabin
Seeking Cruise Companion
  • Relationship Status: Widowed
  • Night Owl or Early Bird: Prefer not to say
  • Sleeping Light: I am flexible lights on or off
  • Smoking : Negative
  • Alcohol : Positive
Looking For:
  • Preferred Cabin Mate Gender: Female
  • Age: From 50 - 70
  • Look for Romantic: Prefer Not to Say
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Simon Jongert
I am very flexible, understanding and easy going.
Simon Jongert
I would love to share my trip with a travel compagnon. Since I have been widowed ( 3 yrs) I have travelled by myself. The time has come that I want to share my experiences with someone who is in a similar situation. preferably meet this person prior the cruise date.